#Repost @themuzlimz • • • • • • We’re hella grateful for all the folks making and including us in revolutionary/black ass playlists for these historic times, and as an affirmation to brilliant black art. Fuck yes and keep tagging us in these lists of bangers, we’ve discovered mad dope black artists to support too! ✊🏽🔥✊🏽 #FTP #MusicForTheRevolution #ACAB #smashwhitesupremacistcapitalistheteropatriarchy #Repost @squidinkband with @get_repost ・・・ Cycling through feelings of rage, despair and numbness. Thank goddess for music to channel it all. It’s been something to see Black artists being uplifted this week and I hope it goes beyond a hashtag. I wanted to also uplift Black artists in music from past and present by putting together a special playlist. Continue to support Black artists/bands and open your purse cause we out here. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Link in bio And as always ACAB #durhamight #🐂💪🏽

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