#Repost @geekchicclothing • • • • • • North Carolina All I see is black squares instead of #amplifymelanatedvoices… . Imagine if instead of posting a black square in “solidarity” you reposted content from a black creator? And not in your stories where it will disappear in 24hrs, but for real in your feed where it will live. Just imagine. . I woke up to scroll through social media only to be bombarded with tiny black squares. That doesn’t show me solidarity. It doesn’t show me support. It’s literally the void. The absence of anything of meaning. I’m just one person and this is just my opinion (shared by some other black influencers like @chefroble and @moemotivate), but white people have to do more than a square. Black folx, take your rest. I need to that’s for sure. . But white folx, don’t be silent for a week or a day. That wasn’t the intention of the movement (which is actually two movements colliding – one from the music industry, one from 2 black therapists). The movement was designed for you to ask your followers to mute YOU and all white content creators so their feed would be filled with black voices. The point wasn’t for you to fill people’s feed with black squares. Imagine how powerful it would be to only see content from black creators for a week?? . And not just in stories. . If you decide that posting a black square is what you need to do, at least don’t use the black lives matter hashtag. It pushes all the relevant content, news, discussion and resources down and makes them hard to find. That is not helpful. . And as for my business, face masks will be restocked on Thursday to the public and Wednesday night to my email list. I will have kids and adult sizes. They have been selling out, so make sure you join the email community (link in bio) for first dibs or shop early Thursday. Life + business rolls on, loves. . UPDATE: You have permission to share. #durhamight #🐂💪🏽

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