June 12, 2020 at 11:32PM

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#Repost @thebullsofdurham • • • • • • 🐂Durham heads & horns up, it’s time to show up. . We’re in the midst of a global pandemic & the world’s largest Civil Rights Movement. You, yes you, have an opportunity to make a global impact for good from the comfort of your home. . Tomorrow/Saturday, June 13th, 2020 from 2-4pm is the People’s Budget Hearing. Go to #LinkInBio to go to Bit.Ly/PeoplesBudgetDurham to register. . Here’s what it is & how it can truly make a global impact. . What it is: Your opportunity to have your say in how your tax dollars are spent. The budget gets finalized on June 30th & we the people have the opportunity to demand our money not be spent on putting cops in schools but rather invest in resources & social workers for the children. . That’s what defunding the police actually means. It means taking our tax money & investing it into our children & communities instead of adding more money to inflated police budgets. . It’s a new concept but when has that every stopped Durham? . Durham has 319 years of recorded history & what we’re doing hasn’t worked in that time. Time to say buck it & try something new. . How can this change the world? Durham has set the bar for race relations in the US time & time again. . Remember on August 14th, 2017 when the confederate statue on Main St. was yanked down? Within 24 hours more confederate statues were removed in the US than ever before. . It set off a chain reaction across the US. Within a couple of months New Yorkers were protesting in the streets wearing hats that said, “Do It Like Durham.” . The world is watching. . We’re living in a Major historic moment. . Time to show up for the young bulls & our community. . Time to Do It Like Durham. . #DoItLikeDurham #ThisIsDurham #BlackLivesMatter #durhamight #🐂💪🏽

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